Hearing aids returned for credit are accepted within 45 days of purchase only. They must be received within the 45 days and only after fitting and volume consultations have been completed. Exchanges do not alter or extend the original purchase date for the trial period.

Accessories or supplies are NOT returnable as we cannot repackage items and re-sell them as new. This means telephones, headphones, Moisture Guards, etc.

Returns must be in original packaging and must be undamaged nor abused.

Returns for credit are Processed and credits are issued in from 30 to 45 days, depending on the order in which they are received and appear on credit card statements and not internet postings. It can take from a full billing cycle for that credit to appear on your credit card statement with the time depending on your issuing bank. Failure to allow time for this credit to take place by filing a credit card challenge or disputing the charge will cause the buyer to incur a $85 fee for the paperwork involved in answering such chargebacks. Information on credits and returns being received and processed is NOT available by phone but ONLY by an e-mail request to - Operators do not have access to this information.

The price of the instrument includes a 15% non-refundable processing, shipping, handling and account setup charge that is a restocking charge for any returns and includes the cost of harvesting electronics and re-casting hearing aids. This is because they cannot be cleaned and re-sold under hygiene laws.

If late returns are accepted by NaturEar, they may face additional assessments which may also be the case for returns that are not received in the same condition in which they are shipped. Returns that are unhygienic will not be accepted and no refund will be issued.

Returns are accepted by obtaining a return authorization number via e-mail to Return Authorization



The warranty provider will replace or repair any failures or defective units within the warranty period from the original date of purchase for a $22.95 re-shipping, handling and insurance charge. See complete details on the Limited Lifetime Warranty Page. Returns are the decision of the NaturEar company.