The NaturEar Digital Diamond Push Button On-Ear Digitals---More Volume---Less Feedback Than Ever---More Control For You. This is the newest innovation in the hearing aid industry.......More voice clarity with while eliminating more background noise
Look how easy it fits and how simple it works. Except for hearing clearly and
as loud as you need it, you wonít know itís there!
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Volume goes up and down via a pushbutton. A beep accompanies each volume change to let you know exactly which level is selected. One beep is the lowest volume up to four beeps for the highest volume. It has more volume capability than any previous product. But it doesnít just get louder. Each volume increase takes the aid to a higher degree of audio discrimination. That means more volume when you need it with a greater degree of clarity. You hear speech and music better than ever. In addition, the new digital chip allows us to accomplish this with virtually no feedback or squealing. The digital chip inside of the aid is sealed so it is more problem-free than other traditional digital hearing aids. The On-Ear type eliminates wax problems as wax can only get into the tip of the hearing tube and is easily cleaned.

The On-The-Ear Models are $449.95 each or $849.95 per pair
Simply Small - 1 inch long
3/8 inch across